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“No Makeup” Makeup Tips for Summer

As much as I LOVE makeup, there’s nothing worse than feeling like your face is melting off the minute you step outside into the summer heat! lol Each season I find myself switching up my makeup regimen, and the “no makeup” makeup look has been my go to this summer. It feels so light and […]

A Dose of Drama

Have you ever heard the saying, “Save the drama for your mama?!” Yeah…I’m gonna change that. I think it should be “Save the drama for your MAKEUP.” 🙂 For this look, I kind of threw some rules out the window because I wanted to do a dramatic lip AND a dramatic, smokey eye. In my opinion, I think you […]


I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a messy hair day, I feel like I need to doll my makeup up even more! Needless to say, today was definitely one of those days. lol Soooo here is my makeup of the day, and everything I used to get this look! …Because messy hair, don’t care;)!  I hope you […]

Friday Favorites!

YAY it’s finally Friday!! I am so excited for the weekend, what about you?! Throughout the week, I’ve been thinking about what some of my favorite beauty products are.  I thought it’d be fun to start a “Friday Favorites” tradition! At the end of each week, I’m gonna be kicking off the weekend by telling you […]

Questions & Answers

No shame in taking a selfie with your beauty product faves, right?! lol All I want to do tonight is kick back, and chat about all things beauty! So here’s a fun, little questionnaire I filled out! Btw I challenge all of my readers to fill it out too:) Alright, let’s get started! What’s your favorite eye shadow color […]