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Hello Spring

Whenever I think of spring, pastels are usually the first thing to come to mind. I’m SO happy that it’s finally the time of year to start wearing those fun colors and floral prints! There’s just such a whimsical and vintage look to pastels, I love it!! Today, I wanted to take normal springtime trends and add a […]


Where I live, the weather can never decide what it wants to be. Last weekend we were snowed in, and today we enjoyed some beautiful, warm weather! It made me SUPER excited for springtime! Anyone else have a huge case of spring fever?! Today, I wanted to put together a fun and flowy outfit idea for any of […]

Wear your heart on your sleeves {DIY}

Hi everyone!! So we’re halfway through the week, and Valentine’s day is coming up in just a few days! If you’re still unsure of what to wear, I have JUST THE THING. It’s cute, it’s sparkly, and it’s such a fun way to add a little holiday flare to an otherwise, plain outfit! Plus, it just might be […]

Diamond in the Rough

Hello loves!! Meet my beautiful friend, Danielle! So the both of us are literally obsessed with Disney everything… Never too old for Disney right?!;) Anyways, we thought it would be super fun to do a Disney character-inspired photo shoot and she was sweet enough to be my amazing model! Can you guess which Disney princess inspired this shoot?! If […]


My name is Bekah…and I’m a Lush addict. Aaaand I don’t see that changing any time soon:) Today I wanted to share some of my newest lushies with you guys, and let you know how they’ve been workin’ for me! Let’s start off with this beauty…okay first of all, please excuse the brown bananas lol […]

New Bangs + Bosque Adventures!

Hello lovely readers! Today was probably the warmest day of the month, and I loved every minute of it!!  My sister and I decided to take a trip up to the bosque to take some fun pictures by the Rio Grande river, and enjoy that sunshine! ❤ I am so grateful to have days like […]

Christmas Time is Here!

Oh my goodness you guys…Christmas is in like, a week! I remember as a kid, it felt like it took FOREVER for Christmas to come. Now it seems to creep up on me earlier, and earlier each year! Aside from that, it’s by far my favorite time of the year; it’s just so cozy!! This […]