Beach Bag Essentials

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Hey loves! So my husband and I recently got back from our anniversary trip to Panama, and it was AMAZING!! We absolutely fell in love with the rainforests, beaches, and rich culture that Panama has. I have so many adventures and pictures to share with you all, but first I wanted to cover the basics–beach bag essentials. No matter what beach you’re lounging at this summer, there are definitely some items that you’re going to want to have by your side!

 My husband saw me eyeing this backpack at The World Market and surprised me with it when I got home from work one day. It made the perfect beach bag for our trip, and kept all of our belongings safe from the sun, and sand-free!

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First of all…Can we just take a moment to embrace how cute this towel is?! Most resorts have towels available for you, but I absolutely LOVED having this bright, monogramed towel to lounge on! PLUS it made it so much easier to spot where our beach chairs were when we were off swimming in the ocean! If you want to order your own, check out my sister’s facebook shop, below! You won’t be sorry:) ❤

And of course, sunnies are a must for any outdoor adventure! I bought mine from Quay Australia after seeing them all over instagram, and I have yet to get over my obsession! They have SO many unique and fashionable styles of sunglasses that their website will soon become your new addiction.


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Next on the list, is a favorite hat to help keep your face from getting too much sun exposure…well that, and because they’re a cute addition to practically any summer outfit;) And when in Panama…why not go for a Panama hat?! The one I’m wearing is from American Eagle.

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I think it’s also super important to remember to throw a swimsuit cover or loose tee in your beach bag! Both my swimsuit and cover are from Victoria’s Secret. Sadly, I think they’re both sold out, but VS is  always getting new and cute stuff, so keep checking out their website:)!


And last but not least, a couple products that I took with me. Some hand sanitizer because I’m a germaphobe…and some SPF so that we were able to continually reapply, and survive the week sunburn-free:D

❤ ❤ ❤

What are your beach bag necessities?! Comment below!

xoxo, Bekah


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