Hairstyling tips for men

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Hey everyone! As you can tell by the title, this post is going to be totally different from the things I normally write about…but guys need some beauty tips every now and then too, am I right?! 😉

I was recently contacted by the Dollar Shave Club about a new product line they have, and I thought that was so awesome! Along with the popular razors they offer, they now have a line called Style by Boogie…and the prices are killer! The best part? The company is GREAT for helping you to find a hair product that is perfect for your hair type! If you’re interested in seeing what their hair products are all about, you can check it out here!


After reading about their products, I felt totally inspired to share some tips for all you men out there! But first off, shout out to my hubby for being my handsome model;) ❤

When my husband and I first started dating, I remember going into his bathroom and seeing a million skin and hair care products all lined up. It looked like a freaking man salon in there! And I was like…”OMG I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN!!” lol  Seriously though, I know so many guys who could care less about what products, if any, they’re using! A big part of me has to thank my husband’s mom for being a cosmetologist for this… but I was so happy to see that he knew the importance of using good products. PRODUCTS ARE EVERYTHING.  And that’s where we start…

Not only are products essential to achieve a hairstyle, but they’re good for your hair too! And since hair starts from the scalp, it’s so important to be using a good quality shampoo! Make sure you really work your shampoo onto your scalp and into your hair for a good couple of minutes! This will improve the overall health of your hair, and will make it a ton easier to style afterwards! I also want to bring up the importance of exfoliating weekly. I know of several brands that carry an exfoliating shampoo, or you could also use a facial scrub! If it’s gentle enough to be used on your face, you know it’s okay to use on your scalp as well:) Exfoliating up to twice a week will remove all of those dead skin cells and trapped dirt from your scalp!

Next, be cautious of things that can damage your hair!

If you’re a hat wearer, make sure you’re not causing damage to your hair cuticles by wearing it too tight! Another thing that can cause damage is towel drying your hair the wrong way. What I mean is, don’t rub your hair like crazy with the towel…the friction isn’t good for your hair! Instead, try to shake out any excess water, and comb with the hair–not against it:)

Last but certainly not least, trim it up!!

This is some advice that is good for EVERYONE. Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair, make sure you still get regular trims every 6 weeks or so. Talk to your barber/stylist and let them know what your goals are for your hair. Showing them pictures of hairstyles you like is a great way to make sure there’s no lack of communication!  They’ll be able to trim off any damage, as well as shape your hair to where it looks still good–even when you’re in that awkward growing-out phase:)

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I really hope you guys found these little tips helpful, and that you’re having a great hair day! 😀

Thanks for reading, dudes!

xoxo, Bekah


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