Bold Smokey Eye


Hey loves! I’m back with another makeup look and of course it’s a smokey eye… because you all know I’m obsessed;)

smokeyeye 018edit

To start off this look, you’re going to want to take a black eye shadow and apply it all over your lids. Use that same black shade underneath your lower lash line so that your eyes REALLY pop!!  It’s going to look super dark right now, but don’t worry…we’re gonna soften it up;)

After that, take a chocolate brown shade and apply it directly on top of the black. This will help to make it not so harsh. Next, blend a warm, medium brown up and along your crease to give your eyes some more dimension!

In the inner corners of your eyes, add a little pop of gold pigment. Adding light or shimmery shades in the inner corners really brighten up your eyes, and adds a little something extra to the look:)

To finish off, I swiped a pale cream color underneath my brow bone, and used that shade to blend out any harsh lines from the brown. The key to smokey eyes is blending. We don’t want any perfect lines, we want this look to appear really bold and hazy! So, when lining your eyes, use a black shadow afterwards to kind of smudge it out!  All you need now, are some falsies for extra drama, and some mascara on your lower lashies:)

For my lips, I’m wearing one of my FAVORITE shades from Aveda, called “Sugar Apple.” I think this muted, mauvey pink  makes the perfect combination with such a bold eye look. Plus, the Aveda lipsticks are extremely moisturizing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little how-to! ❤ Don’t forget to check out my new facebook page!

XOXO, Bekah


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