Violet Vibes {Prom Look Book}



Pink and purple have always been one of my favorite combos…they’re like the ultimate princess colors! lol

Today I put together a super vibrant makeup look for you guys, using the most intense pinks and purples I could get my hands on!! I think this look would be perfect for prom, a night out on the town, or for any time you feel like getting all dolled up:) I hope you all love it!!




For the eyes, I used my Too Faced Sexy palette because I love how shimmery and pigmented the shades are. It has definitely been one of my favorite makeup palettes in my collection and I  highly suggest it! If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here! You won’t be sorry;)

If you don’t have this palette, you could definitely try using similar shades to achieve this look:)

I started off by taking the shade “Hopeless Romantic” and patting it all over my lid. After that, I used “Primadonna” in my crease, extending it toward the outer corner of my eye. Next, I took the black shadow in the palette (sorry, it’s not in the pic!) and blended that out in my outer corners and lower lash line to smoke out the look. As you know, I’m obsessed with smokey eyes:) To brighten it up, I took “Pink Diamond” and used it in the inner corners of my eyes, as well as underneath my brow bone. I didn’t want to take away from the purple, so I just applied a thin line of liquid eyeliner and then added some falsies of course! ❤


prom 5914edit

For the lips, I wanted to use a superrrr intense pink…because like I said earlier, pink and purple just belong together ❤

The lipstick I used is one from wet and wild called “Retro Pink.” This was probably the cheapest lipstick I’ve ever seen, and I really liked the color! I feel like it’s definitely not moisturizing like many high end lipsticks are, so I definitely recommend putting a chapstick on beforehand. But hey I can’t complain…it was only 99 cents!! (insert macklemore’s thriftshop song here lol)

After applying the lipstick, I dabbed a small amount of the “Pink Diamond” shadow along the center of my lips! This is a super easy and subtle way to make your lips look fuller. Plus, it adds a little extra shine ❤

Processed with Moldiv

I really hope you all enjoyed this colorful makeup look! I had so much fun creating it for you:) “Like” me on facebook for more!!

 What are some of your favorite color combos?!

XOXO Bekah


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