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Where I live, the weather can never decide what it wants to be. Last weekend we were snowed in, and today we enjoyed some beautiful, warm weather! It made me SUPER excited for springtime! Anyone else have a huge case of spring fever?!

Today, I wanted to put together a fun and flowy outfit idea for any of you who are going somewhere sunny for Spring Break!  Hope you like!! ❤

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  When it’s warmer outside, I like to keep even my dressier outfits more casual and flowy. Maxi skirts and denim jackets are definitely closet staples for this time of year! I also tend to keep my accessories more at a minimum–a floppy hat or a floral headband are pretty much all you need to complete the perfect spring outfit! And I couldn’t resist wearing this floral heart necklace because….spring?? ❤ ❤ ❤

Floral headband: Three Bird’s Nest (Etsy Shop)

Denim Jacket: Kohls

Dress: Body Central

Necklace: Forever 21

I also made a little wish list for the season…:) This spring, I think it’s going to be fun incorporating some edgier- style clothing with pastel, girly touches. And of course, floral and glittery EVERYTHING.

PicMonkey Collage2

My current accessory obsession on the wish list, are sunnies. I’ve never been too big into them before this year, but now I can’t get enough! I have my eye on these D&G sunglasses because I love the gold and black contrast, and it’s so hard for  me to find sunglasses that I like on me!! haha Ugh, leave it to me to fall in love with the most expensive pair ever…. but a girl can dream right?!;)

What’s on your Spring wish list?! ❤


XOXO, Bekah

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PS: In case it isn’t obvious enough that I live in the desert, here’s a picture of a flying tumbleweed. Yes, you read that correctly. LOL yeah…


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