Review: Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run Palette

Hey everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe it’s 2015?! Last year, along with the whole holiday season, just seemed to fly by for me! I hoping you all had a wonderful holiday, spent with all of your favorites:)

Speaking of favorites…I have a “proud wifey moment” to share with all of you! lol So one of the gifts I got from my husband for Christmas, was the “Naked on the Run” palette by Urban Decay. I didn’t even know he knew I had been eyeing that beauty!! Being the makeup junkie that I am,  I thought it was super cute and thoughtful of him! And now that I got my hands on that palette, I want to share it with all of you:)

First thing I need to confess, is that I am a HUGE fan of the Naked palettes. If you’ve never tried them, I can assure you they are worth the money!! Each of the palettes have different tones to them (warm, cool, rosey…) all within in the neutral range. Which is awesome, because they really do look great on EVERYONE.

Now without any further ado…I present to you, the newest of the bunch: Naked on the Run!



GAH. Even the packaging is gorg. ❤

So as you can see, this one is quite a bit different than the previous naked palettes. Rather than having only eye shadows, it also contains a bronzer, blush, highlight, a full-sized lip gloss, a travel-sized “Perversion Mascara” and a travel-sized 24/7 eye pencil. It’s like a one-stop palette lol. Definitely going to be my new go-to when traveling!!



The palette includes these 6, “never before seen” shades: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, and Stun. They’re gorgeous!! When applying the eye shadows to my skin, I did notice that they obviously aren’t as vibrant as they look in the compact. But I like that because it gives you better control, and is definitely buildable. I also love that there are both shimmery, and matte shades! These colors are perfect for an every-day look.


Here is the bronzer, blush, and highlight. I think this might be one of my new favorite bronzers…it blends in SO well and doesn’t give me that dreaded “omg I look like I just got attacked by a box of orange crayons”  look! PLUS, it’s matte! I am so anti-shimmery bronzers, so this one definitely has my stamp of approval. I also think that the blush is a really pretty pop of pink! The color payout is just awesome. At first, I was a little worried it would be way too pink…but I was wrong:) I love it!! And that highlight/all over shade is just perfect…everything I want in a  highlighter and extremely pigmented! I really like that it’s a bigger size than the eye shadows too, since it’ll probably be my most-used color!


 IMG_6304editMoving on to the lips…I was SO happy to see that they included a FULL sized lip gloss in this palette! The smaller ones run out way too fast haha

This one is a super pretty, kind of mauvey/pink color! Very natural, and will compliment any outfit! I really love how smoothly it glides on, as well. (Nothings worse than sticky gloss…yuck!)


Perversion Mascara. (sorry, the label is basically invisible in this pic!) Okay, I kind of have a love/hate with this mascara so far. It works GREAT on my upper lashes, and leaves them clump-free! It also gets your lashes looking nice and full! The only thing, is the brush is a little too big and clunky for my taste…makes the lower lash application a little trickier. I’m super picky with mascara though lol Definitely would love to try it in a full-size!


Last but not least, the eyeliner! I have to give major props to this one, because it is the smoothest eye pencil EVER. Also, it stays on all day long….it’s actually hard to wash off cuz it’s on there so good! lol! Definitely lives up to its 24/7 name!

And there you have it! I can not get enough of this palette ❤ Thanks, hubby!

Hopefully this little review was helpful if you’ve been thinking about purchasing it! You definitely need to go to Sephora, and check it out in person. You won’t be sorry;)

XOXO, Bekah






  1. Awesome post Bekah – happy 2015 huni 🙂 Hubby done well, hope you’re enjoying your new goodies!! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These products look great – love the palette, gorgeous!


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