Jamberry Nails Review

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Hey everyone! So I’m sure you’ve heard about Jamberry nails, as they seem to be trending everywhere right now! But in case you haven’t tried them out yet, I wanted to share my Jamberry experience with you guys!

Jamberry nails are basically stickers for your nails, in replace of polish! I was super excited to try them out because I kind of hate painting my own nails lol.

If you look on their website or know someone who is selling them, you’ll see how many designs and patterns there are to choose from! I’m a sucker for floral. I had never tried nail strips of any kind before, so I was really curious to see how they’d work on me. I always thought that you had to have long nails in order for them to work, but me and my short nails were happy to be proven wrong:)


So what I did with my strips, is I took some tweezers and peeled off the size that best fit my nail. I used my blow dryer to heat it up for a few seconds, until the adhesive got more tacky. After that, you just place it right on your nail! Make sure you put some pressure on the sticker when pressing it down so it stays in place! To finish, I just used a nail file and some little baby scissors to help it shape to my natural nail. Aaaaand that’s it! It was SO much easier to apply then I thought it would be–even with short nails! Yeah…I totally NAILED it;) hehe


I can honestly say that I really loved the end result! I feel like they do look like a sticker…but whatever, they’re still cute:) I did notice that the tips started peeling off after about four days or so, but it definitely lasted a lot longer than my normal polish does! When it’s time to take them off, the removal is clean and easy–it all comes off at once! Much better than chipped polish. The only thing I really wish were different, is the sizes. It seemed like the nail strips were either too wide, or too narrow for my nail bed. Maybe I just have weird nails…lol but either way, more size options would be awesome:) I also think it would be cool if you could purchase this product easier, like in a local drugstore or something!

If you’re wanting to try Jamberry nails out, but weren’t sure yet… I think you should totally go for it! I know of some distributors that give away free samples, so try it before you buy it! I’d recommend them for pictures, or fun events that you may have going on this season:)!

If you’ve ever tried them out, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Share them below!

Thanks for reading!! ❤

XOXO, Bekah



  1. Great review Bekah!! I hope these are available in Ireland – such a fab idea without too much hassle 🙂 Karen x


    1. I think they should be available in Ireland…have you checked out their website?! If not, i’ll totally have to make you my pen pal and send you some so you can try them out! lol! They’re a genius idea, and so cute!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awwwwwwh Bekah you’re sooo blooming lovely!! 😀 Going to pop up to the city for a nosey round so will see if I can get them there *woo hoo* if not I’m sending you my address huni!!!! lol Xo


  2. I loved them too!!! They are so easy and super cute. Can’t wait to order mine! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they fun?! I could not believe how easy the application was! Definitely going to order some more designs:) You should totally post pics of your nails when you get your order in–I’d love to see which design you choose!! ❤


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