Favorite Products for Curly Hair!


Calling all curly haired cuties–this post is for you!! 🙂

In case you didn’t know, my hair is like the definition of curly. I grew up hating it!!  Now days I finally realized how fun and cute curly hair can be! For me, it’s all about the products. A few good products can take my hair from an unmanageable lion’s mane, to tamed and beachy tresses! Since I’m a complete product junkie, I’ve tried out SO many products. Tonight, I put together a list of some of my favorites:)

Curly! 017edit

One of my favorite things about Aveda products (aside from the fact that they’re all natural) is that they have different product lines for each hair type. The “Brilliant” line is made specifically for thick, coarser hair…which curly hair tends to be more on that side!

I love their Universal Styling Crème when I wanna give my hair more a piecey look. It’s really thick, and has a great hold! Perfect for keeping that hairstyle in place!!

Next to it, is Aveda’s Emollient Finishing Gloss. I absolutely LOVE this product. I find that oils and serums are the Holy Grail for curly hair!! This product is a silky gloss, that adds shine as well as getting rid of any frizz to the hair. Just a couple of pumps is more than enough for all of my hair! This is definitely a product that you only want to use if you have super thick hair, as it would be way too heavy for thin hair.

Curly! 019edit

Next up, is Davines Sea Salt Primer.

So it was seriously love at first sight with this spray, I can not be without it!! It’s an amazing sea salt volumizing spray, that gives so much shape and definition to my hair. After washing my hair, I always spray and scrunch this all over my hair. When it dries, there is no frizz and my curls have more of a beachy look. It’s like a beach in a bottle. It’s amazing.

Curly! 022edit

Argan Oil’s Restorative Mask.

With the cold weather drying me out, I have found that it really helps to do a weekly deep condition on my hair. This is a mask that I got from Sally’s and I really like it! In place of conditioning, I’ll put this product on my hair and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Since it has argan oil in it, it’s awesome or adding strength to dry or damaged hair. When you have curly hair, it’s important to look for products that specifically say HYDRATION on them…this is a nice and affordable one that I’d recommend:)

Curly! 026

Remember how I said that Aveda has products geared for specific hair types? Well, they have a whole line just for curly hair! YAY:) These are by far my favorites from the “Be Curly” line.

The curl enhancer works wonders for my hair! It’s a light-weight lotion consistency that is all about defining tighter curls. It has wheat protein and organic aloe in it, which is going to intensify any waves in your hair. It’s also amazing for shine, and anti-frizz. I love the way it feels on my hair, because it’s not too heavy and I feel like it makes my hair feel SO soft afterwards!

The curl enhancing hair spray goes hand in hand with the cream I just talked about. It keeps those curls in tact all day, without making hair feel crunchy. Also…the whole “Be Curly” line smells like citrus…but that’s just an added bonus;)

Curly! 023edit

This is another mask that I got from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It’s called Biotera Exotic Oil Deep Replenishing Masque by Naturelle. This is my go-to for detangling! After using this, my hair feels so much silkier and is actually manageable!! It contains Moringa Oil which leaves hair feeling super hydrated! All in all, it’s pretty fantastic and smells pretty:)

IMG_4689 If you have curly hair, you 100% NEED to be using a leave-in conditioner!! Once I started doing this, it was life changing. This is one of my all time favorites–R&B Hair Moisturizer by LUSH. I love it so much, that I’ve already blogged about it…and now I’m going to again:) lol

One of the main ingredients in this product is coconut oil which has SO many benefits!! It is extremely hydrating. My hair feels a million times better from the moment I work this conditioner in to my hair. It makes my curls look and feel more lively, but keeps it tamed at the same time. It’s super dense, so a little bit goes a longggggg way! The best part, is getting to leave it in all day long. It’s full of so many amazing ingredients and oils, which adds a ton of shine without being greasy.

Shiny hair = happiness. End of story.

Alright so that finishes up this little list of some of my favorite products for curls!

I really hope you found this helpful, and that you’ll love these as much as I do ❤

As the product junkie that I am…I wanna know what your go-to hair care goodies are! Leave a comment below:)! And as always, thank you sooooo much for reading!


XOXO, Bekah




  1. So good to see this Bekah – I have such a mass of frizzy curls!!! *Grrr* I definitely need that leave in conditioner!! Karen Xo


    1. YES you would love that leave in conditioner, it’s amazing stuff!! It’d work great for your beautiful curls:) ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh I can wait to try it lovely, they are in desperate need of taming – this winter weather plays blooming havoc with them lol Have a super week Bekah 🙂 X


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