Confessions of a Nail Tech– Featuring Beautiful You by Susan!

Hey everyone:)!

Are you, or someone you know interested in becoming a nail technician?! One of my great friends that I met while going through my master esthetic program, is now an AMAZING nail tech and artist! I am always so fascinated by nail art because I am just terrible at it…lol CONFESSION.

Today I thought it would be so much fun to feature Susan on my blog, and talk about all things nails:D She was so sweet to answer common questions that she gets asked at work, along with some super helpful tips!

I hope you likeeee:D

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  • What made you decide to be a nail technician?
  • I’ve kind of always tossed the idea over in my mind. Even when I was young. So, when I finished esthetics school and discovered there were no jobs for that I decided what the hell, and went to nail school too.
  • Have you always liked doing nails? How long have you been doing them for?
  • I can remember being maybe 11 or 12 and trying to paint a palm tree on my nail with the regular nail polish brush. As I recall it was very Picasso looking… ehem… But I’d do checkerboards and stuff like that when I was a kid all the time. I’ve had acrylics for the large majority of my adult life and wear them quite long. I get asked the most ridiculous questions… I’ll address that in a minute.
  • How long did your nail tech schooling take?
  • In Utah it’s only 300 hours or it’s part of your cosmo school if you do that. I don’t have the patience for hair by a long shot so off to nail school I went. Different states have different requirements though.
  • What’s your favorite nail polish brand and why?
  • Vinylux all the way! It’s made by CND and doesn’t need a base coat. Is chip free for 7 days and dries fast. They have a TON of colors and it’s got great consistency throughout the whole bottle. For example on the long wear, I did my 15 year old daughter and her friends nails. A month later I went to redo them and they both still had probably 90% of the polish on AND it was still shiny! That stuff is awesome and it’s only about $5 bottle.

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  • Since the nail industry is constantly changing, do you have any tips or tricks for new or upcoming nail artists?
  • There’s a TON of nail magazines out there you can get. I also follow some of the trendy Hollywood salons on Instagram. ES Nail in Beverly Hills is a great one. Quite a few stars go there.
  • What do you believe it takes to be a great nail tech?
  • A few of things. First, no matter if you like what they want done to their nails or not, it’s not your finger. Just do what they want (within reason of course). Second, don’t say no. I’ve gotten quite a few clients because I’m willing to put bling on nails. Not just one or two stones but make them blingtastic. Most of the techs here would only put a couple stones on a couple nails and complain or even make the client bring her own stones and still charge to put them on! Stones are a PAIN because they take a while to get on if they want a lot of them but by not charging more than my regular $1 extra per nail for nail art and not complaining about the time, I’ve had a lot of referrals. Third, PRACTICE! No matter how good your art is, if those nails pop off in 2 minutes they won’t come back. Also, never stop learning. I watch a LOT of YouTube videos. My favorites for learning are Naio Nails (the woman in the videos is a world champion and is so amazing to watch), Gemma Lambert (it’s the same woman but she broke off from Naio and does her own thing now). Young Nails and Tammy Taylor. Those are all fabulous for learning and how to’s.

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  • What are the most popular nail shapes and designs you get asked to do? What’s trending right now?
  •  I still mainly do square as a shape but have a few stiletto and duck bill. I think that’s mostly due to where I’m located however. Coffin, stiletto and oval are more popular in trendier places. Bling, negative space and hand painted art are what’s really hot right now.
  • What are the best nail care tips to live by?
  • Take care of your cuticles! Use a little cuticle oil or coconut oil to keep them from getting all ragged. Take a good vitamin!

photo 44editQuestions I get asked all the time…

  • My nails are really long (my daughter measured my thumb nail once and it was a little over an inch long. Made me quite happy. HAHA!). And I get asked the most ridiculous stuff by people ALL the time. Blows my mind that a stranger in a grocery store would ask some of them but here are the answers…
  • How do you wipe your butt?
  • Seriously?? ALL the time people ask me that! At least once or twice a week. I would have to say, the same way everyone else does I imagine.
  • How do you type or do anything with them so long?
  • Ok, really, I can function. I don’t just sit on the couch admiring my fingers. They’re like an extension of my regular finger. I type with them not my finger tips, I text just fine because I use swype. There’s nothing I can’t really do with them except open my dishwasher door. HAHA!
  • How do you come up with new idea’s for your own nails.
  • Pinterest, Instagram or if I have an idea but want to see a visual I’ll Google images of my idea to see if anyone else has done it. Then I’ll tweak stuff to make it my own. Sometimes I’m completely uninspired and they sit naked for a couple of days after I’ve filled them until I think of something.
  • When I had acrylic roses on them or when I have a bunch of bling or anything like that people ask if they get caught on things.
  • YES! YES THEY DO! Drives me freaking bananas when they catch in my hair! But, suffer for beauty! LOL!

photo 22edit

  • Do you do your own nails?
  • Uh, really? This one is almost as often as the butt wipe question. Yes, I do my own. Why would I pay someone when I can do it myself the way I want? And yes, I did my right hand myself too. If I do something really detailed (like acrylic roses, vines, sea lions complete with whiskers etc.) it takes me about 4 hours on myself. I have to plan ahead. 🙂

General advice…

  • If someone is going to want something crazy and they have a pic of it.
  • Text the pic to your tech a few days ahead of your appt. That way, if it’s not something they’ve done before there’s time to practice so you get a good service without it taking a bunch of extra time while they work out the kinks.
  • Trust the process.
  • I recently did a set of Minion nails and the woman kept saying how they didn’t look like Minions. Well, she wanted pink ones, so I’d done the lighter pink for the body and the hot pink for the pants and that was it so far. Of course they don’t look like Minions yet. They have no eyes! I use gel polish for my nail art and so it’s one color at a time. I can’t do them all at once or you’d have a marbled nail. 🙂

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        Thanks so much for featuring me! Nail on! –Susan

Okay seriously…how amazing is her work?! Looking at all those pics make my nails feel naked and sad lol. SUSAN HELP!!

I’d like to give a super HUGE thank you to Susan for her fun interview, and allowing me to show off her gorgeous work!!

Plus, I know you wanna see more of her nail designs…so you can like her facebook page, Beautiful You by Susan, and follow her on instagram @susandepalma.

She’s always posting the coolest designs and nail inspiration, so hop on that train!! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and found it helpful for all your nail needs! Btw if you have any more questions that didn’t get answered in this post, please leave a comment below and I’ll get it answered for you ASAP!

Thanks for reading, loves! ❤

XOXO, Bekah


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