Halloween 2014!

Hey guys!! I hope you all had a safe and fabulous Halloween weekend! After work, my husband and I went to my parents house to spend the evening passing out candy and watching scary movies! I knew Dracula would be bloody…but oh my goodness D:

  So in my last post, I showed you guys how to make Dorothy’s red, glitter shoes! Now, I’m finally getting around to posting pics of my entire costume! Sorry it’s a couple days late…I feel like such a slacker!

But anywho…here was our very last-minute, Wizard of Oz look:)! It was such a blast, and my husband even let me paint his face! WINNING.





Not sure how much Casper  *aka Toto* enjoyed posing in this basket…but he sure did look adorable in there!! ❤

I’m sure he’s thinking…”there’s no place like home!” lol!

This year I also helped my little sister, “Rosie the Riveter” with her hair and shhhmakeup:) SO happy with how it turned out, she totally pulled it off!!


Aren’t they cute?!

Thank you all SO much for reading ❤ I would love to hear/see what you dressed up as this Halloween!

Reading your comments always puts a smile on my face:D

XOXO, Bekah



  1. Hey Bekah – the costumes are amazing!! So creative 😀 I think I’m a tiny bit in love with the ruby slippers *swoon* What a fun hubby letting you dress him up – I’m guessing you’ve have a fun weekend! As for me I simply wrapped up warm and watched a firework display, although my little girl dressed up as a vampire… false blood everywhere *sigh* all good fun though 🙂 Karen x



    1. Awe thank you so much Karen, you always say the sweetest things!! ❤️
      I am so glad you had a great Halloween, fake blood and all!! Lol! You sure did an amazing job on your daughters makeup by the way! 🙂

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      1. Awh, thank you – it was so much fun!! Such a difference from my own routine lol Have a super week 🙂 X


  2. mkupdasha · · Reply

    Neat! You look a bit like Mila Kunis in these photos!


    1. Oh wow, thanks:)!! You’re so sweet!!

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