Friday Favorites #2

Everyone knows that Fridays are for favorites:)

So here are some of my favorite items for the week! ❤

Hope you likeeee!


MAC’s matte candy yum yum lipstick-Okay I know what you’re thinking…this lipstick is SO BRIGHT! But I promise it looks so pretty on lol! Plus, It’s one of those shades that truly look great on everyone! The fact that it’s such a vibrant color is  what makes it so fun to wear on gray, rainy days! ❤ Definitely a favorite of mine!


Bath & Body Works, Paris Amour body lotion-So this scent has kind of been around for a while, but it’s one I’ve always loved! They did redesign the packaging so that kind of makes it new, right? lol First of all…you guys know I’m obsessed with French everythinggggg…and that’s what originally drew me to it! Aside from the adorable packaging of the whole line, this stuff smells amazing! It’s a really fresh scent, that’s kind of like the perfect blend of floral and fruity. Very girly and romantic! This scent will probably forever be a favorite of mine:)


LUSH, Jackie Oates– Okay I realized this post is becoming like pink overload! So here’s a nice neutral favorite o’mine…and yes, it’s LUSH ❤ ❤ ❤

The great thing about this product, is it has multiple uses for it. Which basically means, you get more of a bang for your buck! It’s a color supplement that you can either mix with a moisturizer to create a tinted one, or you can simply use it as a concealer. I also use mine as a highlighter! It’s very light weight, which makes it easy to blend. There are also other shades available, so you can get the perfect match for your skin tone! They have color supplements in Dark Pink, Light Pink, Dark Yellow, and Light Yellow:) It doesn’t have the strongest coverage, but I still think that it works great and I love the way that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin like other concealers do!



Gold Canyon Candle, Ginger Spice-I absolutely love candles. I somehow accidentally started collecting them, and now I have a ton. Oops:) But this one is by far my favorite for Fall! As you can tell, I’ve used quite a bit of it already. I just love the way it fills my home with the smell of Fall, it makes me feel so cozy and warm:) Is that weird? lol


Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade-One of the things I really love about Aveda products, is that they truly have products for EVERY single hair type! Their whole Brilliant line is made specifically for thick, coarse hair…like mine:D This is basically like a gel, but not as liquidy.  It really helps to add a lot shine and moisture into my hair! It also works great on shorter hair, to kind of give that piecy look. However, I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have thin hair…it’ll probably be way too thick and will in turn, weigh down your locks!


Random favorite– Meet Casper, the friendly toy poodle! My favorite, every day of the week! ❤

You know how some couples get baby hungry? My husband and I were like that…only with puppies instead. lol So we found this little guy from a local breeder, and he stole our hearts. Seriously though, look at that face!! Casper just got his very first haircut today, and he’s totally rockin’ the fluff:)

So that’s it for this Friday! Don’t forget to check my blog next week for more Friday Faves!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and decide to try out some of these products sometime! OR…you could get a puppy, and ours can totally be BFF’s 😀 haha

Thanks for reading, and have a fabulous weekend!!

XOXO, Bekah



  1. Casper is SO adorable!!! 🙂


    1. Awe thanks, I love that little fluff ball!! Lol ❤️


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