DIY Pumpkin Decor


Today was one of those days where it was rainy all day…and I loved every minute of it!! I always seem to be more productive on gray days, and today I felt like getting a little crafty! Since I can’t get enough of pumpkin this time of year, I decided to make this fun,  decoration to make my apartment feel a little more festive:)

Here’s how you make it!

What you’ll need:

  • hot glue gun
  • fabric of your choice
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • a piece of wood/twig (for the pumpkin stump)
  • a spherical base for your pumpkin ( I actually just used two bowls and glued them together…lol )


So as you can see, I literally hot glued two plastic bowls together. And I did this VERY messily…haha but who cares! it’s gonna be all covered up soon:)

After that, I took my fabric and cut them into little squares. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I chose to use several different  fall-colored fabrics!


Take a freshly cut square of fabric, and pinch it to give it a bunched-up look. Then glue it onto the surface of your soon-to-be pumpkin!  Continue to do this until the entire surface is completely covered in fabric.


This is definitely the gonna be the most time-consuming part! But like I said, this project is perfect for a rainy day when you have nothing to do:)

After you’re done applying the fabric all over, it’s finally time to decorate! YAY!

I used a thin piece of wood, and glued it to the top of my pumpkin to create the stump. But it just didn’t look I wrapped the stump with a thick,  gold ribbon and finished it off with a mini green button! That really helped to tie the whole look together!

Aaaand voila! You now have an adorable, little decoration that SCREAMS Fall!


Thanks so much for reading about this little DIY project! ❤

 I hope you have as much fun making it, as I did!

XOXO, Bekah



  1. glitterandglosss · · Reply

    hey hun
    I nominated you for the liebster award 🙂 if you decided not to do it just know that I like your blog. xo


    1. Thanks so much girl!! I def accept:) will do asap! ❤️

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      1. glitterandglosss · ·

        Yay cant wait for your post, thanks babe 😍😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Finally posted it:)! I also left the link to your blog on my post! Thanks again for the nomination! ❤️❤️❤️

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      3. glitterandglosss · ·

        Thats great, will check out ur post ASAP!! Thank u 💐
        Your welcome babe 💖😘


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