Fall in love with this DIY Owl Wreath

IMG_4616Like most typical girls, I absolutely LOVE everything about the fall! I love getting to wear my boots and scarves, watch the leaves change color, and I literally crave pumpkin EVERYTHING.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I decided to make a fun, fall decoration for our homes. They turned out SO cute and were probably the easiest home décor project ever! So obvi, I had to blog about it! Best of all, it’s a DIY project that you really can do OWL by yourself;) ha! see what I did there?! Okay, I’m done…let’s get started!

First of all, there is really no set way to make this wreath. Explore your local craft store and I’m sure you can find several different items that would totally work! If you’re one to get down and crafty, you may even have some of the items at home already;)

Here’s a list of what I used for my wreath, and where I purchased them from:


  • One branch wreath–Joanne’s
  • Two silk flowers (for the eyes)–Joanne’s
  • Two mini wreaths ( I used one around each eye, to make the eyes appear larger and…more owly?) –Joanne’s
  • Two silk leaves (for the wings)
  • 1 pack of glittery acorns ( for the beak) — Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • OPTIONAL: scrapbook paper (for your address)

PicMonkey CollageAaaaand that’s it! Finding the supplies was honestly most of the fun! Not to point out the obvious or anything… but now that you have all the items you need, all you have to do is glue them onto the wreath. Seriously, easiest project ever!

One last thing– to cut out the numbers for my address, I actually used a cricut machine so that they’d cut out perfect. That, and because I am horrible with scissors:) But this step is totally optional. The owl looks super adorable without the address too:)

Like I said, this is an incredibly easy and affordable DIY! I thought it was super fun to make and it’s something different than  traditional wreaths.

I hope you enjoyed this quick,  little blog post!

If you happen to make your own fall wreath, PLEASE post a pic in a comment, below! OWL love to see all the different varieties you guys can make;)

XOXO, Bekah



  1. Super cute idea!


    1. Thank you so much!! I’m obsessed with owls:) lol!


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